Training & Research

Foundation Specialists Group is active in providing education and training services to assist in the development of young engineers. Through his position as Honorary Associate of the Department of Civil Engineering at Monash University, Dr. Seidel participates in both undergraduate and postgraduate education, training and research.

Dr. Burt Look developed and has presented the 2 day Earthworks course for Education Engineers Australia to practicing professionals since 2006. His research activities is focused on applications in industry practice and supervises theses at both The University of Queensland and Queensland University of Technology.

Academic & Industry Activities

Invited Lectures

Dr. Seidel is an invited international speaker at conferences and workshops in his particular specialty areas of foundation testing, dynamic pile testing and rock socketed pile design.

Dr. Collingwood is regularly an invited speaker at industry conferences and seminars, on a range of topics related to design and constructability of piling and retention systems.

Dr. Burt Look regular presents as an invited speaker at various industry events. Topics vary from:

  • IEAust South East Queensland Geology, Brisbane, 1999, on “Strength and Deformation Properties of Brisbane Rocks” and “Expansive Clays in South East Queensland”
  • IEAust, Brisbane, 2002. “Earth – Retaining Structures – new AS code”
  • Urban Geotechnical Practice, Sydney 2010 on “Achieving adequate compaction on construction sites”
  • Keynote speaker – Young Geotechnical Engineers Forum, Brisbane (2011) on “Floods, rains, landslides:
    Geotechnical history lessons and whatever else comes to mind”
  • AGS Symposium on Reducing CAPEX by managing geotechnical risks on projects, Brisbane 2012 on “Integration of the geotechnical known and unknowns into reducing project CAPEX”
  • International Geosynthetic Society (IGS) seminar honouring Dr. JP Giroud, Brisbane 2012 on “Design Considerations for a geosynthetic reinforced soils slope at Montville”
  • IQPC Piling and Deep Foundations Australasia, Sydney 2013 on “Assessment of rock strength characteristic values applied to rock socket design”

Invited Peer Review

Dr. Seidel is a regular reviewer of journal article submissions for Rock Mechanics, Canadian Geotechnical Journal, ASCE Journal of Geotechnical and GeoEnvironmental Engineering, American Society of Testing and Materials, Computers and Geotechnics, as well as local and international conferences.

Monash Association

Dr. Seidel has had an association with Monash University since 1974 as an undergraduate, alumnus, postgraduate PhD student, lecturer, researcher and now Honorary Associate. This long association has resulted in strong ties to the faculty, and FSG engages other academic staff to provide review, or to assist with other geotechnical, structural, hydraulic or hydrologic aspects of projects where necessary.

Dr. Seidel also provides occasional lectures in foundation engineering topics to undergraduate students and at postgraduate courses with the University.

The Monash Civil Engineering laboratories are well equipped with specialized and even unique testing equipment, and FSG provides consulting testing services with Monash on large projects both in Australia and overseas.

Dr. Seidel also maintains an association with current faculty staff in their undergraduate and postgraduate research activities.

FSG provides an annual prize to the Final Year student deemed to have submitted the best research project in geotechnical engineering.