Construction & Tender Advice

With over 40 years contracting experience, the Directors of FSG know what it takes to win and execute major piling contracts. We now bring our successful track record of winning and delivering some of Australia’s largest and most challenging piling projects to our clients via our tender and construction phase advice.

Concept Design

Having the right Concept Design for the foundation and retention system can be the difference between winning and losing a major bid. Having a buildable Concept Design once you have secured the project, can have a major impact on the ability of the project to be successfully delivered. At FSG we understand the link between concept design, detailed design and construction.

FSG’s design and construction experience means that we understand that winning and delivering successful foundation projects involves a number of key ingredients:

  • Understanding the overall needs of the project – the requirements of the owner, the community, the structure and the environment in which it must be constructed;
  • Understanding the key areas of risk and reward – program, durability and serviceability of the structure, site access, groundwater and ground conditions;
  • By understanding the key drivers for the project the right design approach and construction technique can be selected. Our solutions are tailored to minimise construction time, cost and risk whilst still meeting, or exceeding the project performance criteria.

Independent Peer Review and Value Engineering

FSG are regularly asked to provide specialist geotechnical support or peer review services with a view to enhancing both practicality and efficiency in design. Our extensive construction experience and position as Australia’s largest pile testing company, makes us uniquely placed to review piling and retention solutions from both a technical and commercial perspective.

FSG will review:

  • Whether the geotechnical design parameters a true reflection of the ground conditions on site?
  • Has the appropriate design technique been adopted?
  • Has the right construction technique been selected for the project in the context of the performance criteria, the ground conditions, the access constraints and the project timeline?
  • Can it be built faster, cheaper, better?

Project Planning, Constructability and Risk

Over our 40+ years of industry experience the Directors of FSG have been involved in projects spanning the full range of construction techniques across Australia. We now seek to give our clients the benefit of our experience through early involvement in project planning, constructability and risk reviews. By embedding in our client’s tender teams we are able to provide advice on the most appropriate construction technique, the best equipment for the job, the likely program for the works, the key risks associated with the works and possible mitigation measures.

Budget Costing and Programming

A unique aspect of FSG’s services is our ability to provide our clients with advice regarding likely construction costs and program associated with the piling works. Our industry experience means that FSG can provide feedback to our clients on the relative costs of various design alternatives, how long they might take to construct, what equipment should be used and what the relative risks and rewards associated with these systems are. By working collaboratively with the bid team FSG are able to tailor our design solutions to best meet the projects requirements in terms of time, cost and construction risk.

Specification, Verification and Sign – off of Piles

Poorly considered project specifications and sign off processes for the piling works are a common cause of delays and commercial risk on large infrastructure and resource projects. FSG provides its client with advice on piling specifications and verification procedures which enable the responsibilities of the parties to be clearly defined and risks be allocated to the parties best able to control and manage them. By clearly defining responsibilities and risks the construction, verification and sign-off process of foundation elements can be streamlined and often significant delays to critical path piling works can be avoided.

Construction Techniques, Construction Control & Trouble Shooting

Our extensive background in pile construction means that FSG can provide its clients with real world advice about the latest pile construction techniques, construction monitoring systems, how they are used and what the advantages and disadvantages of these systems are. We also recognise that many projects encounter difficulties during the in-ground phase. The way that these problems are handled and the speed at which the issues are resolved is often the difference between success and failure of that component of the works. FSG are able to combine our design expertise, testing services and construction experience to work with the key stakeholders to solve piling problems in the most cost effective way and in the shortest possible time frame.